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What’s In My Gym Bag?

What’s in the bag??

In order to get a workout in, I have to squeeze it into my schedule. Most of the time that involves taking a duffle bag with me so that right after or before work, I can get to the gym.

At first I used to just take a set of workout clothes, and just hit the gym after work. But with experience, comes a longer list of things to carry in order to not miss anything when you hit the gym. Here’s a list I’ve compiled of things I keep in my duffle gym bag. Hopefully it will help or inspire you if you’re looking for some ideas of what to carry.

Let’s begin!

  1. Deodorant: This one is a must have. Pretty obvious. I personally prefer spray deodorants, because if I leave my gym bag in my car or somewhere warm, it won’t melt on me.
  2. Foot deodorant: Wait that’s a thing? Yes it is. I don’t like my shoes or feet to smell up from sweat of working out, so I buy a deodorant spray for feet. You can find them anywhere. Kind of awkward, but you must go to the foot section of most stores. Where you would find foot soles, ankle bands, anti-fungal products, etc. During the summer these make my workouts much more comfortable.
  3. Set of face wipes: I will sometimes go to the gym right after work, or head to run an errand after a workout. So I always keep a set of face wipes to clean off my makeup, or sweat off my face and prevent it from getting clogged or absorbing nasties I don’t need on my face.
  4. Body wipes: Some people shower and get ready at the gym, and sometimes you don’t have enough time to really get your shower on, so here’s a secret. Use body wipes to clean odor prone areas, and then use deodorant to freshen up as much as possible. Just to get you through until you can shower.
  5. Small bag of “period” items: I keep tampons, pads, liners, and down there wipes at ALL times. Working out might seem like the last thing you want to do on your period, but a light workout really can help relieve some of the symptoms. So I keep a supply in my gym bag just to be prepared, and to be able to freshen up after a sweat session.
  6. ­­Hair tie/bobby pins: You have no idea how many times this has saved me. I keep a few hair ties and bobby pins in a little compartment in the back of my gym bag. Sometimes I forget my hair tie, or the one I have breaks, so I have backups. Plus with hair that goes down to my lower back, I will not be able to workout without one.
  7. Workout Towel: I usually keep a few small towels in the duffle bag for my workouts.I hate sweating all over the place on my face and neck and not being able to clean it up. Highly recommend.
  8. Headphones: I keep a set in my gym bag, that only stays in my gym bag. I have other headphones I keep for everyday use. Because if were to forget my headphones, I might just turn around and go home (I have before).
  9. Extra pair of socks: Because sometimes you can forget them. Especially if you were out all day in heels/flats all day long.
  10. Your full outfits: This ones pretty easy, but sometimes can slip your mind. Make sure whatever your outfit is (workout or for the day) that you have everything from the underwear, to the shoes.
  11. Lock



Here’s some stuff I recommend if you do things like swim and/or shower at the gym. 

  1.  Shower flip flops: Because germs.
  2. A “shower pack”: You know those little TSA approved travel bottles they have in the Target travel section? They’re about 3 oz bottles in different colors. I like to buy a few, and then use them for my duffle bag. One for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. I recommned keeping these in a little bag of its own, that way if you shower at the gym, you’ll have it all in one easy to carry bag.
  3. Shower towel: obviously.
  4. Hair supplies: If you do your hair, then you’ll need hair supplies. I don’t know much about hair, given that I honestly don’t care too much for mine ((not the best idea), but you can add what you use to your bag.
  5. Mini-makeup bag: If you’re getting ready at the gym.
  6. Shaker with after workout supplement: if you drink protein. It’s handy to carry the shaker with the powder and add the water at the gym right after a rough workout sesh.

What are some things you carry in your duffle bags? Let me know in the comments! 


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