5 Work Options for Military Spouses

A military spouse is a “go with the flow” kind of person.

Many don’t realize this, but being a military spouse really teaches you to make life portable. Being married to a service member means where they go, you go, no questions asked. You just get orders and a date to be there. 

One of my bigger fears as a new military spouse was not finding a job in our new station. 

For many families, both partners need to work in order to make enough income to meet their needs. And for us that is the case. 

I didn’t really know what my options were until I met all the amazing spouses in my communities, and I realized that being a military spouse doesn’t stop me at all. In fact, we have all kinds of opportunities available to us. 

If you’re not sure what your options may be, here’s a list that may help. 


Life coaches, bloggers, web designers, crafters, event planners, photographers, you name it. 

One of the greatest ideas I’ve seen is military spouses who run their own businesses, or who pursued hobbies and turned them into small businesses. These can be done from home, or anywhere really. My favorite thing about this is that it gives you the freedom to work and bring in income while having the flexibility to be a stay at home parent. 

You’ll find plenty of spouses who make a living while avoiding the nuisance that could come from having to move from place to place. They’ve embraced the uncertainty that comes with being a military spouse, and made it their own. 

Side Hustles

Maybe you’re not looking for a full-time job, but rather something to bring in extra money. I had my fair share of side hustling when I had moved to my first station, and was jobless for about a month. I sold clothes, home items, and textbooks, making a few hundred dollars.

It’s actually very easy to buy quality items and resell them, or to just sell the things you’re getting rid of. Often times a family who is moving may need to get rid of stuff, and that’s a great time to sell sell sell! 

Some spouses I’ve gotten to know sell their DIY creativity, and do it in their free time. Others I know might be Uber drivers, sell products at home for companies like LuLaRoe, Avon, and many more. They work small or part-time jobs, but spend most of their time at home.


If you don’t really want to move from one entry-level job to another and would rather focus on one career that’s also portable, you may be able to get certified in one. If you want to obtain a portable career, one of the great options the military offers is financial aid program to help spouses get certification and education in careers that can be completed online.

From teaching ESL, bookkeeping, to IT support, the list is long. Check here for more info.

Work for the military

Many military spouses work civilian jobs with the military.

The military contracts quite a bit of civilians for many positions on base. From retail to professional. Who better understands the uncertainty than the military itself? I know a few spouses who worked as bartenders, store managers, or other professional careers.

It’s one of the first places you’re recommended to visit when you’re a new military spouse to a station, and you want to find a job.

Here’s a link that may help.

Any job you can find

You may not realize this, but a lot of local businesses near a station love military spouses! Employers are very well aware that they are surrounded by a military community, and that this means potentially temporary military spouse employees.

But they make it work for you.