letter to military spouse
Military Spouse

Letter To The New, Young Military Spouse

On life, love, work, and your new role.

Dear new and young military spouse; 

From one military spouse to another, welcome! Glad to have you here!

You have just become a part of a huge community that’s incredibly supportive of each other, and you’ll find help no matter what you may need. You may not have experienced this yet, but we are all too familiar with deployments, PCS moves, finding new jobs everywhere we go, and just going with with the flow.


On life

Some things military lifestyle will teach you:

  • Go with the flow
  • Keep copies of all records/receipts
  • Organization is key
  • How to strengthen your marriage
  • To be more independent and resourceful
  • How to be strong and quick on your feet


On love

Your family may go through many changes during your time as a military family, but your love and togetherness will only grow stronger. Every reunion with family, every time you see your hubby come home from a deployment, every trial you go through together will teach you to work as a team. And teamwork makes the dream work.

Enjoy these years because ,military life is very different from civilian life.


A few words of advice on adjusting to the new role:

  • Find “regular spots” quickly. The sooner you find your usual target, bar, and other favorite shops, the sooner it’ll eel more like home.
  • The friends your spouse makes, will help you. They might be of the same age group, and they will have girlfriends or wives you can talk to.
  • Join the Facebook groups for your local base. You might meet a new wine buddy!
  • Another thing is that you may also feel weird about the spouses who have many years of experience under their belt. Don’t. They are the best resources for tips, advice, and hacks of military spouse life. Ask them all the questions you can. We’re all more than happy to help! They have the ultimate knowledge on deployments, families, moving, and the paperwork you have to do sometimes, which I am so grateful I asked about.
  • Additionally, please read up on everything you have to do as a new military spouse. You will have lots of changes and paperwork to do. I suggest you start with the name change if you plan on doing that. Don’t forget to enroll in DEERS, get your military ID, change over your medical provider (whenever you move to a new location). Keep copies of all documents, and keep multiple copies of your marriage certificate.


Handling the tough times:

You might do really well in your transition as a military spouse. But if you feel overwhelmed, stressed, sad, or homesick, that’s completely normal. It happens to a lot of us, and here we are on the other side to tell you it gets way better.

Don’t be afraid of the deployments and time you might spend away. Those are the time you can pursue individual hobbies, side hustles, or even work two jobs to save some extra money. The opportunities are endless.

There are many resource out there: Facebook groups, military base resources, family, and friends.

There’s plenty of options for work. Just be patient and persistent.


Being a military spouse is a roller coaster. But it can be so much fun, and so wonderful to be a part of your significant other’s journey. 

You’re not alone. Every spouses’ journey is different; don’t compare it to anyone else’s. 

And finally…..make the most out of it!



P.S: If you ever need anyone to connect with, you can always email me! 



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